About Us

afterglo is a revolutionary south beach restaurant, lounge and late-night dessert bistro pioneering a new culinary style trademarked as “beauty cuisine.”

it’s founded on the principle that eating is one of life’s most fundamental activities and has the power to greatly enhance beauty.

“The Syntropy Diet”, conceived and trademarked by south beach restaurateur Dr. Tim Hogle, reveals that beauty cuisine is centered around three key ideas: scientific parameters, tireless food sourcing efforts and inventive yet gentle cooking techniques.

supported by scientific research, afterglo’s culinary breakthrough is designed to offset entropy, the physical force that causes everything to fall apart over time, including the human body. the beauty cuisine at afterglo is high in a vital force called “syntropy,” which opposes entropy to create more order, symmetry and regeneration in living systems.

fashioning the cuisine into appetizing entrees takes careful experimentation and study. it begins with identifying foods that contain beautifying elements; anti-inflammatory foods, enzymes and antioxidants that regenerate cells, increase brainpower, help digestion and promote radiant beauty.

finding ingredients in their most pristine form is an important part of the process. the lamb served at afterglo feeds in pastures on new zealand’s untainted mountainsides. a farm in homestead, florida grows organic vegetables exclusively for afterglo. meats come from wild game because they contain a higher level of omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals than domesticated product.