How Do You Clean Venetian Blinds?

Lumber Venetian blinds are a few of the most beautiful and practical window treatments offered in the market. Unfortunately, it is also among the most difficult to clean and efficiently look after. People need to understand a couple of features of cleaning their lumber blinds if you are to keep them in good condition for several years to come.

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to understand about correctly cleaning your wooden Venetian blinds is that unlike most other window treatments in the market, it does not involve soap and water.  Moisture and cleaning agents can cause warping and discolourations; something that you would surely wish to prevent after spending a significant sum on your window treatment.

In this post, we will check out some straightforward advice on cleaning your timber Venetian blinds according to reputable distributors like “Inwood Blinds and Shutters“.

Proper care for Venetian blinds

So the question remains – how do you tidy you timber blinds? Well, you can start to gently dust the blinds with a wool duster or microfiber cloth.

Use smooth down strokes to avoid unhooking and potentially damaging the screens. Twist the slats and do the very same on the other side. You can then proceed great look in bright daytime on your Timber Venetian blinds to check for unattractive areas and staining. Wipe it clean with a paper towel, or you can utilise a soft cloth damped with wood cleaner – that is it!

For the benefit, you can decide to use a vacuum cleaner however just one with a soft brush nozzle. Anticipate to clean you timber Venetian blinds regularly than your vinyl or plastic ones; wood has the tendency to gather dust a lot easier. A weekly dusting ought to sufficient.

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