afterglo is a celebration of food, drink and all life-empowering human endeavors, a place where beauty and indulgence coexist.

what makes afterglo’s cuisine so highly beautritional? foods used in beauty cuisine are derived from Dr. Hogle’s “The Syntropy Diet” and have these properties:

a low glycemic index.
anti-inflammatory properties.
an alkalizing reaction on the body, since alkalizing foods help regenerate cells.
a high content of enzymes, which help the body effectively digest, use and direct the beautifying nutrients.
an abundance of beautifying elements, such as silicon, sulfur, iron, zinc and manganese.
“The Syntropy Diet” has a high syntropic value. simply put, syntropy is an order-enhancing energy force stored in food that increases a body’s beautifying benefits. this energy originates in the sun. many bio-physicists say that time is not a dominant factor in diminishing beauty, but the ongoing contamination and interruption of the body’s beautifying energy supply is the culprit.
a full color spectrum. foods on earth have a variety of colors that reflect the color spectrum of the sun. these vibrant colors contain phytochemicals, pigments, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that a body requires for radiant beauty.